The 10th of September 2023 the International Consortium for FD/MAS gathered in Silver Spring, MD, the United States to have its inaugural physical meeting. During the day various presentations highlighting clinical, basic and translational science were given highlighting the exciting developments in the field. The meeting was closed with focus groups on basic science and the clinical guidelines. 

Presentations of the meeting can be downloaded here:

2023_ICFDMAS_intro by dr Natasha Appelman-DIjkstra 

Presentations Prof Roland Chapurlat on the TOCIDYS and PROFIDYS studies

The EuRR-Bone Registries and FD/MAS module by dr Natasha Appelman-DIjkstra

Denosumab in FD/MAS: a summary of the studies from the LUMC by dr Natasha Appelman-DIjkstra

Treatment for Fibrous Dysplasia: RANKL and Beyond by prof Xuefeng Zhao

Assessing puta6ve mammalian adenylyl cyclase inhibitors by prof Charles-Hoffman


The video's of the presentations can be found here